Phonak Zoom Technology

Imagine zooming in on any voice, whatever angle it's coming from. The Zoom Revolution is amazing hearing technology designed to do what our ears can't. Zoom Technology is designed to decrease background noise and really focus in on the people you want to hear and allowing you to understand with ease.

Phonak Zoom Technology has features such as:

Speech in the Wind- allows you to enjoy conversations even on a windy day

Auto ZoomControl - once activated will automaticaly focus on the dominant speaker. At the same time it also reduces noise from all other directions

Duo Phone - As soon as you hold the phone up to your ear, the caller's voice is automatically streamed to the other ear. Hearing the conversation in both ears results in superb sound quality and improved understanding.

Auto StereoZoom automatically focuses in on the voice you want to hear in a noisy crowd while reducing background noise.


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